Two Proud Mummy Moments… And a flood!

11.07.14 - House Games Day 1Yesterday was Tadpole’s “House Games Day” – they don’t do a “Sport’s Day” where all the parents can come and cheer their kids in their races, which really bugs me, because I love going to those, but instead have a day of games and races where the kids earn house points, kind of like Hogwarts, but with sports instead of magic. So, we packed Tad off to school in a blue T-shirt (his house colour – yeah, if it were Hogwarts, we’d totally be a Ravenclaw family!).

At the end of the day, we went to pick up Tadpole and found he had no fewer than THREE sticker medals on his chest, which he was displaying with pride. And rightly so – he had two firsts, and a second!

That’s right, he came first in the beanbag throw (he has a strong arm!) and the straight-out running (he really does run like the wind!), and second in the beanbag race.

His sticker medals are now in his scrapbook.

10.07.14 - Josh 1On Thursday night, Choochie didn’t sleep a wink all night, and I was pretty much a Mombie all day Friday. Well, last night, he started falling asleep on the breast at around 9.30pm, and I lay him in his cot-bed at 9.45pm. After getting ready for bed and dong a last sweep round the flat, I got to bed at around 10.10pm.

Choochie woke a couple of hours later, but only for a moment, and only to turn over onto his other side (he likes to sleep on his side – so cute!), then went straight back to sleep without crying. He then woke at 3.25am for his feed, but again, didn’t cry about it, just burbled at me and sat up in his bed. I then took him into our bed to feed him and we went back to sleep.

I was giving him his 6am feed, and hoping he’d go back to sleep so I could have a long lie-in, when Hubby (who is working this morning), came through and told me our kitchen is flooded.


For, like, the fourth or fifth time since we moved here last October.

The upstairs neighbours were still awake and watching TV at 3.25am when I fed Josh, so between then and 6am, they must have put on their washing machine, because our kitchen is more like a pond this morning. And I can’t clean it up yet (nearly two hours later) because it’s still dripping from the ceiling.

So much for my long lie-in!

Anyway, apart from the flood, things are good, and I’m incredibly proud of both Tadpole and Choochie.

Now I just have to wait for my ceiling to stop dripping so I can clean up!


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