9 months – where have they gone?

10.07.14 - Josh 1
This is MY strawberry, and you can’t have it!

Our little Choochie is 9 months old today! Where on earth has the time gone? It’s absolutely flown by! Here is he enjoying some juicy, ripe strawberries – his favourite. He’ll eat pretty much anything we put in front of him, but if you then put a strawberry on his tray, whatever else he was eating is forgotten in the rush to grab that sweet, red berry.

Of course, with baby-led weaning, it makes a glorious mess, but it also makes him smile and I have to admit, baby-led weaning is a LOT easier than traditional spoon-feeding, as we just hand him his food and he feeds himself.

We’ve been training him to use a sippy cup with expressed breastmilk in the afternoons, as I am now job hunting and hoping to find a position that is late afternoons into early evening. Of course, he still prefers his “milky cuddles” which is lovely – I love those cuddly moments too.

A regular sleep pattern continues to elude wee Choochie, though. Like Tadpole, he is reluctant to sleep when the world continues to turn, with all manner of exciting things happening, while he has his eyes closed – he doesn’t want to miss a thing! We’ll get there eventually, I just hope it doesn’t take 18 months like it did with Tadpole!

Anyway, happy 3/4 birthday, Choochie Boy!


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