World Cup Fever

The World Cup is upon us. It is happening right now, in Brazil. In fact, at this very moment, as I type, England are playing against Uruguay, and whoever loses this match will be out, leaving the other team to go through to the next stage.

All over England, flags are flying. They are attached to cars, hung out of windows, draped on doors – anywhere a flag can be put, there is a flag of St. George. I’ve seen them. Everywhere.

As a bookie, I should have a vested interest in the World Cup, and as an English person, I should support my team, but the truth is I really don’t care much for football, and I honestly could do without the hoo-haa of a World Cup every four years.

In fact, I feel so ambivalent about it, I felt compelled to make this demotivational poster, just in case anyone was in any doubt as to how I feel at this very moment in time.



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