A-Z Challenge: Y is for Yolanda

yolandaNobody knows if Yolanda (Christina Hendricks) is actually her real name. All we know is it’s one of her aliases. The other two we know of are Saffron and Bridget. There are probably more and all of them spell TROUBLE.

Sassy, intelligent, wily, street-smart, and incredibly manipulative are just the first few items off the top of my head that would be on her CV. Cunning as a fox, she can appear demure and virginal, or sexy as a siren. She is (in her guise as the former) the reason Mal will go to “a special hell” – and he’s not the only one of the crew who is duped. Everyone falls for her performance (to differing degrees and for different reasons).

Yolanda/Saffron/Bridget is one of those villains you pray you’ll see again and again, and we do see her several times, which is a wonderful treat. If only all bad guys/gals were as smooth as this – she’s cool as a cucumber, doesn’t buckle under pressure, and will go to any lengths to reach her goal.

Stand in her way and you may find yourself stranded somewhere unsavoury, as naked as the day you were born. Much as she left her husband. Or at least, one of them.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


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