Proud Mummy Moment, or What We Did On Our Holidays

So, we’ve been back to school for a week now and the Easter holidays are already a fast-fading memory, but we had a good time!

We spent the first week of the school hols at home, then travelled back to Scotland for the second week to visit family. We almost didn’t make it as everywhere was either fully booked or charging an exorbitant rate to stay, but in the end we found a lovely guest house just north of the city of Aberdeen called Millview House, where we were treated like family and had a wonderful time (check out my review of the place HERE).

Tadpole’s only homework (aside from a little reading) was to write about what he did in the holidays, and we did so much he wrote eight or nine pages! I’ll leave you with his pages to fill you all in on what a fun time we had! I’m so proud of all the hard work he put into his homework – he decided what he wanted to write, then I wrote it on a piece of paper and he copied it down himself and drew pictures. We did have postcards for some sections, but we accidentally left them behind!

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