A-Z Challenge: T is for the Tams

The TamsNever have a brother and sister so defined each other and never have siblings been so devoted as the Tams.

Simon Tam is a brilliant young doctor – really, he is something of a genius – and occasionally rather arrogant, but he honestly doesn’t mean to be so cold and distant. Simon has the very best of reasons – he is completely preoccupied with his sister, River, who is in a very fragile state and needs constant attention.

Because, River Tam is dangerous. Seriously dangerous.

Her mind, even more brilliant than that of her elder brother, is completely unhinged, and it’s probable that she could kill you with it. Equally, she could kill you accidentally because she’s playing with a loaded gun that she mistook for a tree branch.

Nutsy-cuckoo would be a pretty good term to describe her.

Still, River is a sensitive and sometimes serene soul whose quirky personality and abilities get the crew out of trouble pretty much as often as she lands them in it.

Both the Tams prove their worth as members of the crew of Serenity.


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