A-Z Challenge: S is for Serenity

serenityWell, what else could it be?

Our favourite little Firefly class spaceship is called Serenity, after Serenity Valley, the scene of the crushing defeat of the Browncoats in their fight for independence from the Alliance.

She is home to our intrepid crew, unfailingly getting them fro one place to the next (usually with a little help from Kaylee in the engine room!), and not one of them would ever let anything happen to her. They will defend her with their lives, because their livelihood and lives depend on it, and because they love her. Especially Captain Reynolds. He’d never, ever leave her, and if all else failed, he’d go down with his beloved ship.

Serenity is also the name of the film which functioned as a sequel to the show several years after cancellation. It’s well worth watching. Yuo can enjoy it even if you’ve never watched the show, but it would give you plenty of spoilers for the show which came before, so please do watch the series first!


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