A-Z Challenge: O is for The Operative

Calmly kills for the Alliance
and always cleans his sword

When it comes to being completely aloof, there’s one person who springs to mind, and that is The Operative (played by Chiwetel Ejiofor). This guy is cool as a cucumber – nothing ruffles his feathers and he will always get his man in the end. The thing is, he’s incredibly intelligent and can get inside the heads of those he’s after, so he can easily anticipate their next move.

Of course, he’s never met the crew of Serenity before and there’s someone on board who is more than a little out of the ordinary. It just so happens that’s the very person he’s trying to recapture.

The Operative works directly for the parliament of The Alliance, and although he has no official name or rank, he has “access all areas” firmly stamped on his theoretical card – there is literally nowhere he cannot go and nothing he cannot do – he can act with impunity so long as he gets the job done.

And that’s what makes him so scary – he does his job extremely well and has absolutely no remorse, no emotion, no conscience – he’s almost robotic in his pursuit of duty.

That said, he’s incredibly eloquent and can easily make others think twice about their own actions and encourages them to take responsibility for their choices. He would dearly love to create a better world – a world without sin – and if that means he has to execute others for that cause, then so be it – he’ll do so, usually with a sword, a serene countenance, and a courteous conversation beforehand. He is a most elegant killer!


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