A-Z Challenge: N is for Niska

Don’t let his age and smile fool you:
Niska is about to get nasty!

If you really need a crime lord to avoid, Adelei Niska (played by Michael Fairman) is your man. He has a reputation for ruthlessness and violence – and it’s warranted – cross him at your peril! I gt the feeling that Niska’s favourite “classic” movie (well, we are 500 years in the future!) would be Reservoir Dogs, as he thinks nothing of torturing people and cutting off their ears.

When Mal and the crew get on his wrong side, it’s disastrous. Even though the crew were trying to do the right thing by others (come on, they might be criminals, but they do have morals and consciences!), it is expressly against the wishes of Niska, sending them spiraling into a whole world of hurt…


6 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge: N is for Niska

  1. Since I’ve never seen any of the “Firefly” episodes I can’t say anything about it. I know that it’s immensely popular so it must be a good show. I did see the film Serenity which I guess was a spinoff from the show. I don’t remember the film. I’ll need to watch it again.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  2. I’m with Alex. You had me at Firefly. Now I’m going to have to go back (like in May when I can breathe) and read your whole series! I just can’t understand why they’d cancel a show like this with a set up for an infinite number of episodes! It had immensely entertaining characters, each with his or her own moral compass, all trying to make this “family” function and survive and each contribute what they could. Of course, crush on Mal. Highly entertained by Jayne. Love it that they had a priest and a companion, I mean, what more could a ship need? LOL. Sigh. Now I need to go start it again on Netflix…
    Tina @ Life is Good
    A to Z Team @ Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2014

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