A-Z Challenge: L is for Love

serenity heart
Love is all around,
and is the most powerful force in the ‘Verse!

Love is a theme that runs throughout the series, without it ever actually becoming the main focus, so it never overwhelms the individual plots or story-arcs and never lands the show in romance territory. There are many kinds of love portrayed here – love between siblings; unrequited love between various members of the crew as well as a very solid marriage between two of them; the platonic familial-type of love the crew have for one another; and the love of the ship they call home. There’s also the love of freedom, which is constantly threatened by the Alliance.

Finally, there is the love the fans have for the show. There was a HUGE outcry when the series was cancelled almost before it even got a chance to find its feet, but it quickly, through word of mouth, became a cult classic. Firefly remains a show that never jumped the shark, as it wasn’t given a long enough run to ever risk that happening. Even with the short run of only 14 completed episodes, it is a firm favourite with sci-fi fans and the number of Browncoats is always growing!

Firefly will always hold a special place in our hearts.


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