A-Z Challenge: K is for Kaylee Frye

Kaylee Frye
The heart of the crew and the one
who keeps the ship in the sky!

Her full name is something of a mouthful; Kaywinnet Lee Frye, AKA Kaylee is the mechanic aboard Captain Reynold’s ship. Kaylee (played by Jewel Staite) actually came to the position by chance – the guy who got the job pulled her and tried to seduce her in the engine room (she has a bit of a thing for all things mechanical!). When they were caught by the Captain, it transpired she knew waaaaay more than the guy he’d hired, so he promptly fired him and hired Kaylee in his place.

It was a move that would save the ship and the crew on numerous occasions, as if it weren’t for Kaylee, there’s no way that craft would still be in the sky! She knows exactly how to patch things up with minimal supplies and will always do her level best to get things done swiftly, despite having no formal training.

On top of that, Kaylee is an eternal optimist. She has the sunniest disposition in the ‘Verse and always sees the best in people and situations – she’s always the one saying, “Ev’rything’s shiny!”

Despite being a grease monkey, Kaylee also loves “girly” things and will go weak at the knees at the chance to dress up for a shindig in a frilly pink dress, even if her tastes are not what most women in high society would choose. Still, she’s so sweet that I would personally like to whack anyone who would put her down right in the face and tell them to shut up! This girl knows how to find pleasure in the simple things in life and if life hands her lemons, not only would she make lemonade, but she’d make a zingy citrus cheesecake and a lemon drizzle cake too. Not literally, you understand – she prefers the engine room to the kitchen!

With a ready smile and a warm welcome, Kaylee is the kind of gal who instantly becomes your best friend. She’s actually my favourite character in the whole show.

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