A-Z Challenge: J is for Jayne Cobb

jayne cobb
He carries a big gun. And wears a hideous hat.
Don’t mess with him!

The hero of Canton:, the man they call Jayne!

Anyone who knows the man in question would laugh out loud to hear him called a hero. The truth is, he’s the most mercenary member of the crew and would sell out his mother for the right price.

Well, maybe not his mother – he actually sends some of his ill-earned gains back home to Mother and proudly wears the orange-striped woolly monstrosity of a hat she sends him, because a man walks down the street with a hat like that, people know he’s not afraid of anything!

Played by Adam Baldwin (no relation to Alec, Billy or Stephen of the same surname!), Jayne has more than a passing fondness for weaponry, and even affectionately calls his favourite gun (a Callahan full-bore auto-lock with a customized trigger, double cartridge and thorough gauge) Vera. If you’re in a jam, Jayne is one crazy, well-armed guy you’d want by your side – unless the other guy who wants to kill you offers him more money. That’s exactly how he joined Mal’s crew, after all!


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