A-Z Challenge: F is for FIrefly

Diagram of a Firefly-class spaceship
(click to enlarge)

Not only is Firefly the name of the series, it is the type of craft which carries our crew. This particular Firefly-class spaceship, so-called because of its resemblance to a firefly with its tail-end lit up, is a little old and dilapidated, but Captain Malcolm Reynolds loves her and will do pretty much anything to keep her in the sky. This is often achieved by his faithful engineer (we’ll come to her in a later post) holding things together in the engine room with awing and a prayer. Spare parts are expensive and therefore scarce, as our crew don’t usually have much in the way of funds, even after pulling a successful heist. It’s a good job our engineer knows her stuff or this little ship would have crashed and burned long ago, but there she is, still hanging in there, home to our favourite dysfunctional rag-tag family. Isn’t she a beauty?


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