A-Z Challenge: E is for Earth-that-was

earth from space
How long will it be our home?

Firefly is set 500 years from now, and our planet has long been abandoned due to over-crowding issues, leading to the terraforming and colonisation of other planets elsewhere in the ‘Verse. That doesn’t mean our intrepid space cowboys can’t think fondly on their origins and lament the loss of Earth-that-was.

Perhaps this is Joss Whedon’s way of giving us a timely reminder to take care of what we have now, as our home planet may not always be able to accommodate its dominant species. Let’s face it, we’ve polluted Earth and pillaged her natural resources which are now fast running out, and our numbers are fast increasing. How long do we have before we have to find a new place to call home? And how many of us will follow the example of Captain Malcolm Reynolds and just drift from place to place, trying to scrape a living in whatever way we can?

Let’s start treating Earth a little better before we find ourselves in the position of sadly waving goodbye to Earth-that-was…

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