A-Z Challenge: D is for Derrial Book

shepherd derrial book
Shepherd Derrial Book
A good man in a tight spot

So, who was it that said Captain Malcolm Reynolds would go to a special kind of Hell? It was Serenity’s very own resident spiritual advisor, Shepherd Derrial Book. Born Henry Evans, the good Shepherd has a mysterious past which is only alluded to in a round about way and never fully revealed throughout the series or the subsequent film. It’s a shame because I, for one, would have loved to hear exactly how he came to be on this particular path and what happened in his earlier life.

Played by Ron Glass, this gentle man seems extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the tactics of the Alliance, as well as being handy with firearms and hand-to-hand combat when required (what on earth did our sweet Pastor do before he found his calling?!). It’s pretty clear that while he’s saving your soul, he can kick your ass – you don’t want to mess with this man of God!

Shepherd Book is often the moral compass of the crew, and believes in showing compassion for his fellow man while ensuring justice is done. Definitely a good guy to have on the team!


2 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge: D is for Derrial Book

  1. It always annoyed me that we never got the full back story to this character aqnd why he was now like he is. Unless I’m forgetting something from the Serenity movie, but if not, then I reckon he was an Operator.

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