A-Z Challenge: C is for Captain

Aye-aye, Captain!

Oh, and what a Captain! Captain Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds, AKA Captain Tight Pants, is played by Nathan Fillion who obviously relishes the role, indeed, he must still have rather a fondness for our space cowboy, as references still occasionally crop up in Fillion’s current show, Castle.

Mal is pretty much everything a hero is not. Although he does, on occasion, show a little chivalry, there is, according to one of his more religious passengers, a special kind of Hell awaiting him, but the circumstances leading to that comment weren’t exactly the Captain’s fault!

Reynolds is fiercely protective of his crew and ship – they are a dysfunctional family of which he is very much the head. In turn, his crew are completely loyal to him, even those who are basically up for grabs to the highest bidder, even if they don’t always agree with him or obey his orders…

An ex-Browncoat, our Captain really does not like the Alliance!


5 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge: C is for Captain

  1. Firefly was one my favorite shows! I was so bummed when it was cancelled. Mal was a great captain, he had some of the best lines of the show. I think I might have to get the season out to watch it again.

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