A-Z Challenge: A is for Alliance

Alliance flag

The Alliance is the AngloSino Government. They are in charge of pretty much everything in the ‘Verse.  If the crew of the Serenity are the heroes of the show, then The Alliance are their nemesis, chasing them down for their criminal activities and to recapture a certain passenger on board. I’m sure they believe they’re the good guys, but considering the dodgy things they get up to in secret, and, of course, that they are permanently on the case of our crew, we have to hate them.

There’s just no getting around it.

Down with the Alliance!


6 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge: A is for Alliance

  1. I think you may have converted me …I’ve no prior knowledge of Firefly (sorry!), but from the sounds of the Alliance, I think it’s right up my street. Will be checking out your remaining posts to see for sure 🙂

  2. The dodgy, secret doers always think they are good guys… I wonder if the crazy lady I encountered in the park the other day belongs in The Alliance.

  3. Thanks for the explanation. I’ve watched firefly, though it’s been awhile, but did not know all the background, etc. And yeah, how can you not pull for against the Alliance?

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