52 things in 52 weeks – March update

52 things in 52 weeksHow can it be that a quarter of the year has passed already? I cannot believe how fast time is flying this year – I mean, every year seems to get faster, but this year seems to be going light speed!

Anyway, another month, another few challenges completed. Here’s how I did in March:

Food challenges (one week each):
9. No refined sweeteners
– No refined or artificial sweeteners including (but not limited to): white sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar, sucanat, splenda, stevia, agave, corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, brown rice syrup, and cane juice. Foods and beverages can only be sweetened with a moderate amount of honey or maple syrup. – See HERE
10. No refined oils
– No refined or hydrogenated oils including (but not limited to): vegetable oil, organic vegetable oil, soybean oil, corn oil, canola oil, organic canola oil, margarine, and grape seed oil. – See HERE
11. Eat local foods
– Eat at least 1 locally grown or raised food at each meal. This includes, but is not limited to: fruits, vegetables, eggs, grains, nuts, meats, and sweeteners like honey. – See HERE
12. No sweeteners
– Avoid all added sweeteners including, but not limited to: white sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar, honey, maple syrup, date sugar, maple sugar, sucanat, splenda, stevia, agave, fruit juice concentrate, corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, brown rice syrup, and cane juice. – See HERE
13. Nothing artificial
– Avoid all artificial ingredients including, but not limited to: sweeteners, flavors and colors. – See HERE

Other food challenges:
22. Do not eat chocolate at all for 4 weeks straight (4/4)
I’m continuing with this as in “penance” for not quitting chocolate for February, I decided to give it up for Lent, which runs from 5th March to 9th April. I didn’t quite go the full stretch with no chocolate at all (well, it was Mothers’ Day yesterday!), but all in all, over the course of February and March, I have definitely gone at least 28 days chocolate-free, so I’m calling a day on this part of my challenge. Mostly because I like eating chocolate!

Entertainment challenges:
31. Watch 52 films in 52 weeks (52/52)
I’ve actually surpassed the quota already – we’re way past the 52 films mark now. See the films I watched this month HERE.
32. Take part in three author book blog tours (3 / 3)
See the triple book blast HERE.

Financial challenges:
23. Put £20 into Tadpole’s savings every month (£60 / £240)
24. Put £20 into Button’s savings every month (£60 / £240)
25. Split all my coppers between Tadpole’s and Button’s piggy banks each week (13/52)
26. Put £1 for each day of every month into savings (£90/ £365)
27. Put £1 for each challenge completed into the Xmas fund (£17 / £52)
28. Save all £2 coins into the Xmas fund each week (13/52)
29. Save all silver up to the value of 20p into the Xmas fund each week (13/52)

Entertainment challenges:
30. Read 52 books in 52 weeks (3/52)

33. Visit six local attractions (3 / 6)
We visited St Mary’s Island and lighthouse, and Rocky Island. See HERE.

Family-related challenges:
34. Continue breastfeeding Button to the age of 6 months (10 April)
38. Share a photo of my kids and me each month (3 / 12)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

41. Take the kids to the library once a month (3 / 12)

Personal challenges:
46. Write twelve letters to my penpal (3 / 12)
50. Release twelve new cross stitch charts (3 / 12)
See the chart I released for March HERE.
51. Post a monthly update (3 / 12) – Done!


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