Mothers’ Day

I know there are different dates for Mothers’ Day all around the world, but here in the UK it’s TODAY!

This morning I was treated to a long lie-in (although whoever decided to schedule the clocks going forward on Mothers’ Day so that we lost an hour in bed should be shot!) to about 8am (new time) which, to me, really is a looooonnng lie-in. I was awoken by my eldest son who planted a very gentle wakey-wakey kiss on me and presented me with a bacon butty whilst Hubby brought in a mug of tea. To my surprise, half my bacon butty ended up being eaten by Tadpole – he loves them as much as I do. One can only assume he was being extra kind to Mummy by being mindful of my waistline!

Then I was handed a beautiful box of Thornton’s chocolates and a pink silk rose, along with THREE cards. One card (the owl one with the googly eyes) was shop-bought, chosen by Tadpole with Daddy and signed by Tadpole on his and Button’s behalf. The second one (flowers and butterflies), was made at his sleepover at Mama’s house on Friday night and is also signed with both names and loads of kisses. The third card (with the two tall flowers) was made at school, and is signed only with Tadpole’s name. Tadpole did ALL the writing himself and it is very neat indeed, so I’m very proud of him!

Mothers' Day Cards
My beautiful Mothers’ Day cards from my lovely boys!

Of course, the chocolates had to be tested for quality control by Tadpole, who declared them fit for motherly consumption, so we all had one after that.

When I finally got out of bed, I fed Button then went off to take a leisurely shower. Anything longer than five minutes uninterrupted is leisurely, so when I actually had almost 20 minutes to myself, you can guess what a luxury that was!

Next I took my time getting dressed, doing my make-up and fixing my hair. By that time, Button wanted to be fed again (he is the hungriest baby in the planet, I swear!), and then we left the house so that I could be taken to one of my favourite little eateries, Dolly Dimple’s, for lunch. It was delicious and both my boys were extremely well-behaved (Button refused to go to sleep, so we sat him in a high chair next to me with a toy so he could play).

When we were finished we took a short drive so that Button would go to sleep and I reckon he’ll be due to wake up and be fed again very shortly.

I’ve had a lovely day!

Wishing all the mothers out there a wonderful day, even if it is not Mothers’ Day where you are!


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