Bare-faced selfies for breast cancer awareness

A lot of my pals have been posting pics of themselves without make-up as part of a campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer. Some cancer survivors are even very bravely posting photos of their scars.

When I was nominated to add my photograph to the others, I was petrified. Anyone who knows me knows I never set foot outside the house without at least foundation and powder on, so the thought of showing the world my face without my war paint is terrifying, Hell, even having my photograph taken with my face made up is something I do not enjoy even one tiny bit – it’s something I’ve been working hard to overcome for some time now.

However, breast cancer is a subject close to my heart, and not just because my heart is right next to my boobs!

A few years ago, my Auntie was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was one of the lucky ones who won the battle against it. My old boss had also previously beaten breast cancer. I know it’s not just women who can get breast cancer (yes, men can get it too!), but as a woman who now has a family history of this disease, and more than one in three people in the UK will develop a form of cancer during their lifetime, it can be rather worrying that the chances of my getting it at some point in my life are now increased.

So I bit the bullet, I decided to add my bare-faced selfie to the throng of others and show that beauty comes from within. And as I’m currently using my breasts as nature intended – to feed my youngest son – I thought it only fitting that this play a part in my picture.

As I’m incredibly shy about my body, this is also needed a major dose of courage on my part. But I did it. And here is my picture. No make-up, hair a total mess, lying in bed and feeding my baby.

19.03.14 - Breast Cancer Awareness  Bare-Faced Selfie
Our bodies are amazing.
Make sure you keep yours healthy by checking it regularly!

And please, everyone, whether you’re male or female, check yourself regularly. Check ALL your bits every month. Make sure you know your body intimately so you can recognise any changes, whether it be in the form of a lump, discharge, dimple, puckering, a mole changing shape or size, blood in your stool – whatever! Know the signs and get it checked out by your doctor IMMEDIATELY. Chances are, it will be nothing to worry about, but the sooner these things are discovered, the better chance you have of being able to be treated and to beat it.

And if you post a bare-faced photo of yourself in support of raising awareness, I’d love it if you would leave a link in the comments section below.

Incidentally, I raise money for Cancer Research UK by selling two specially designed cross stitch charts (check out the first two designs HERE), or you can donate money to the cause using my Just Giving page HERE.

To the person who rated this post one star, I have a question:

What was it about this post that made you vote it down?

  • Was it that you don’t like my face devoid of make-up?

  • Was it that you don’t like charity posts or don’t support Cancer Research?

  • Was it because I’m breastfeeding my baby and you can see a teensy bit of flesh in the photo?

I’d honestly like to know which it is. So please do leave a comment, don’t just rate and run.

And if you actually have a problem with my blog overall, there’s a great solution – don’t read it!


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