Week 8 completed – 14 weeks of mini pledges

week 8Week 8 is all about listening to your body and learning your limits. The challenge is to stop eating when you are full. This can be a problem for many people these days as it’s increasingly common not to recognise that full feeling. It’s also common for people to mistake thirst for hunger and to never actually let ourselves gt hungry – it’s a first world problem which, coupled with fast food and larger portions, has led to ever expanding waistlines and obesity on the rise.

I hold my hand up here – I find it very difficult to recognise that feeling of being full, and if I’m enjoying something, it’s very difficult not to finish off those last few mouthfuls even when I don’t really have room for them. It’s also incredibly easy to mindlessly nibble away on snacks while watching a movie or just when I’m bored.

This week was quite a tough one but I succeeded maybe 7 times out of 10, and the other times I caught myself and made a conscious effort to quit when I noticed I was doing it. So, not so much snacking this week, and I’ve tried to make my choices healthy ones (although I did still have some chocolate here and there!). As a result, I consider that quite a success for me!

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