Wedding Bells

My youngest cousin got hitched today to his beautiful bride, and we all went along to wish them well in their lives together with their gorgeous little girl (she really is the cutest little thing!). It’s rare that all our family is able to get together, and indeed, one or two weren’t there tonight, but most of us made it and it was lovely to see everyone at once. It’s a shame it takes a big family occasion like a wedding to get us all in the same place at the same time, but it’s always nice when it finally happens.

Anyway, our warmest congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple. May they have a lifetime of happiness together!

Hubby looking very dashing!
I scrub up alright!

22.02.14 - Sisters
It’s rare for my sister and I to be in the same place at the same time
So there are always plenty of kisses whenever we are together

Tadpole insisted on a suit and tie so he could look like Daddy. He’s so handsome!
Button and Uncle
My Uncle isn’t usually one for holding babies, but I don’t think anyone can resist Button!

Button, and two Aunties
My Auntie and my sister were practically fighting over Button
Happy couple
My cousin and his beautiful blushing bride!

22.02.14 - Three sisters
Me with my two younger sisters
(youngest on the left)
22.02.14 - De Management
All the men together looking very dapper
22.02.14 - Pop, Grom and Mam
Grom, Pop and Mam


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