Day at the museum

As it’s the half-term holiday, and Hubby had the day off, and the weather was a little iffy, we decided to go for an indoor adventure today. We parked the car at Whitley Bay, hopped on the Metro and got off at Haymarket, right around the corner from the wonderful Hancock Museum.

We are a family of culture vultures and we’ve always loved museums, so this was a big treat for us, with the added bonus that admission is absolutely FREE, so with our lunches packed to take along with us, our only expense was the Metro tickets and whatever we decided to spend in the museum shop.

As soon as we entered, we were greeted by a host of animals from all around the world – an elephant and ostrich peered down at us from the upper level, a narwhol poked his head up out of a plinth, and all manner of other exotic creatures from lions and tigers, to turtles and sharks, were all on display. It was pretty impressive – and that was just the first section!

Behind the animals was Hadrian’s Wall and loads of Roman artifacts, to the right was the Ice Age through to the Iron Age, and to the left was the Anglo-Saxon section, which then gave way to crystals and gems. But the section we most wanted to see was right at the back…

In the section called Fossil Stories, we checked out fossilized plants and sea creatures, footprints and bones, and then there it was – the T-Rex!

I’m pretty certain Tadpole didn’t expect the T-Rex to be so big, so there were a few tears initially till he got used to it (which only took a moment), He even agreed to pose for a photo… but only with Daddy and Button!

Upstairs we checked out some stuff from the Roman Empire, then hit Ancient Egypt and took a brief trip to their afterlife! After having our hearts weighed against feathers, we took in the Ancient Greeks, World Cultures and loads of animals native to Northumbria.

We didn’t get to see the Planetarium on this occasion, as we kept missing the start of the shows, but we’ll go back another time.

After the museum, we visited Eldon Square shopping centre and kitted out Tadpole for football training which starts next week, before getting back on the Metro and heading home. It was a lovely day out and highly recommended if you’re ever near Newcastle!

Hubby and Tadpole
Hubby and Tadpole and the shark!
18.02.14 - Me and the shark
I faced those fearsome jaws too!
18.02.14 - Greek urn
A very beautiful ancient Greek urn
18.02.14 - my boys with the T-Rex
My boys eventually posed with the impressive T-Rex
18.02.14 - the T-Rex
He really was massive!
18.02.14 - Owl
A very cute little owl
18.02.14 - The boys in the Greek section
Having a little rest while the boys listen to the audio commentary in the Ancient Greeks section
18.02.14 - Tadpole in the Greek section
Tadpole insisted on stopping to listen to the commentary on Ancient Greece
18.02.14 - The samurai
18.02.14 - Tadpole and the drab lizard
Tadpole loved the drab lizard which wasn’t particularly drab
18.02.14 - Tadpole and the Mummy
Tadpole was impressed by the ancient Egyptian mummy
18.02.14 - Tadpole and the snake
The snake appeared to come and greet Tadpole.
I suspect he’ll get a letter by Owl from Hogwarts in a few years…
18.02.14 - Tadpole does a Flash Gordon in a tree trunk
Tadpole very bravely thrust his hand into the hole in the tree trunk
a la Flash Gordon

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, Tadpole came home with a Roman sword and helmet, and I got myself a Roman numerals leather bookmark and a very pretty birthstone bracelet (I’m a Libran, so it’s aventurine).


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