Week 7 completed – 14 weeks of mini pledges

week 7In week 7, all grains consumed must be 100% whole-grain. This was more difficult that expected! There is nowhere locally that produces a whole-grain loaf, so I resorted to buying something from a health food store as they do sprouted breads which appear to be 100R% whole-grain (which was the best I could find). They were sold out of them all. What I got instead was organic pumpernickel, sunflower bread and seed bread. What I discovered was that I don’t like them very much. They were heavy and dry and tasted rather treacle-y and burned. They were useless for sandwiches, so I tried them as open sarnies, but it was still pretty horrid. Breakfast was OK because I could make porridge from scratch.

So I’m rather disappointed with this week’s challenge. I didn’t enjoy it at all – it’s been the only one so far where I’ve bee pretty miserable about it all week. I’m glad this one is over. I do love multi-grain breads, but it’s prett00y much impossible to find one that is 100% whole-grain around here. I would have to somehow source 100% whole-grain bread flour and make it myself, and I’m not particularly great at making bread, so it’s not really an option. I shall, however, continue to do as well as I can.

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