Week 6 completed – 14 weeks of mini pledges

week 6Week six is all about avoiding low-fat and non-fat foods. The truth is, foods labelled thus are usually chock full of sugar or artificial sweeteners in order to make them taste better, so they are no better for you than the full-fat versions, and in fact, can actually do you more harm than the regular stuff.

This part of the challenge was absurdly easy for me as I already made the switch away from non-fat and low-fat foods some time ago. I stopped getting the low-fat spreadable versions of butter and switched to regular butter (which tastes much better and is entirely natural instead of being chock full of nasty additives); and I ditched the diet yoghurts in favour of their full-fat cousins, although I found that Greek yoghurt is naturally lower in fat while being incredibly creamy, so having that with some fruit feels decadent without putting too much of a dent in your calorie allowance.

The only problem I had was with milk. I don’t like full-fat milk. Never have. In fact, when drinking cows’ milk, I much prefer skimmed, so I had to do without this week. Which meant no tea, as I don’t like how nut milk tastes in tea, so I only had coffee as a hot beverage this week.


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