Top Five…Childhood Toys

topfiveI’m a little late in joining in this week, but I’ve been busy with a poorly baby (Josh has a nasty cold, poor wee lamb!), so I’m sure I’ll be forgiven!

This week, my lovely hubby decided to blog his top five childhood toys, so I thought I’d add my list too. Join in if you feel like it – just don’t forget to link back to him at Smurfin’ the Web.

backwords5. Backwords
I come from a family of board game players. Seriously, with the least excuse, we’d be in the cupboard, wracking our brains over which of our many games to choose. Backwords is a board game that involves being able to speak backwords. As an afficionado of the English Language, this game always appealed to me and I was usually the first to get to the University of Reversity. To this day, my sister and I will occasionally say something backwords to one another and we’ll know exactly what we’re saying. It can, however, be a little confusing to the poor shopkeepers who have to deal with us asking for “A nac fo akoc aloc, esaelp!”

monopoly4. Monopoly
Are you sensing a theme yet? This was another regular in our family, and take it from me, we are all ruthless players, regularly bankrupting each other and delighting in it. It’s one of those games where everyone is in it for themselves and we love it! There’s just something about accumulating a pile of properties and a huge wad of money, so I don’t think I’ll ever like the electronic version where you pay with a “credit card” – that would just strip it of half the fun! Hubby and I actually bought a Star Wars version when it came out, but we’ve never played it – it remained in its box, pristine. I wouldn’t mind getting a local version though – that might be fun to try!

triv pursuit3. Trivial Pursuit
One of the most popular games with us was, and still is, any kind of quiz (we LOVE pub quizzes too and usually win as our brains are so full of useless trivia!). One of the greatest quiz games ever invented is Trivial Pursuit. We’d have family games evenings and this would usually be on the menu. It ended up we’d played it so often we remembered all the answers. There was, however, an error we spotted once. TP claimed that the island of Lindisfarne belonged to Scotland. It does not. It is part of Northumberland. Fact! It’s still a fabulous game though.

horse2. Rocking Horse
I remember one Xmas morning, waking up and running into our living room which looked like an explosion in a toy shop. According to my Mam, I was barely 2 years old, but I remember very vividly the beautiful rocking horse I got that year. He was wheat-coloured corderoy with a white mane and tale and amber-coloured glass eyes, with a red saddle and silver stirrups. I loved that horse. I remember it as being HUGE, but according to Mam, it was very small – as was I – I was tiny as a child! I’ve never seen another rocking horse quite like mine anywhere else, but he looked a little like the one in the picture here.

books1. Books
I know, it’s not really a toy, but books were always my first love and my go-to. They still are. I never go anywhere without a book in my bag, or at least my Kindle, so I have a library of hundreds from which to choose wherever I am. I can instantly be transported to the past, or the future, or another land, or even a whole other world. Books are just awesome, and I cannot imagine being without them.

So, those are my top five. What are yours? Leave a comment with a link to your list, and don’t forget to link back to him at Smurfin’ the Web.


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