And I thought teachers were supposed to be able to read?

After the October holidays, all the kids in Tadpole’s school got a note home saying there was a child with a nut allergy in the school, so nuts were not allowed in packed lunches or for snacks. Fair enough – we didn’t send them anyway as Tadpole doesn’t eat whole nuts and peanut butter is an at-home food for precisely that possibility. I do however occasionally pop a Graze punnet in his packed lunch, after very carefully ensuring his pack is nut-free.

Today, we had his punnet sent home with this note attached:


Here’s the thing – I thought teachers were supposed to be able to read. If she had even bothered to check the lid of the pack, she would have seen this:


As you can see, the contents are listed in full as follows:

  • Orange chocolate raisins
  • Milk chocolate
  • Jumbo raisins
  • Orange raisins

Can you see any nuts in there? No, neither can I. So I double checked on the website and sure enough, NO NUTS. Basically, the teacher has taken a cursory glance and decided there are nuts in the pack without actually paying any attention.

What if it had been the other way around? What if she had taken a quick peek at something and decided there weren’t nuts in it when there were? Surely this is something they should pay attention about when they have a child with an allergy in their class.

Tomorrow, Tadpole will have the same punnet in his packed lunch with the following note attached:



One thought on “And I thought teachers were supposed to be able to read?

  1. She probably saw the white things that look a little like chick peas…and assumed they were some kind of nut. While I do agree she should have read the package, be aware that she may also have to deal with this on a regular basis. I remember when BH was in Kindergarten, they weren’t allowed Peanut Butter for the same reason…yet I heard a woman outside of school complaining about the no PB&J rule…and she admitted she sent it in anyway. Try not to take it personally and accept that while it was a mistake on her part, there are others out there that are determined to do what they damn well please and this makes it difficult on those of us who actually try to follow the rules.

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