Bookish ideas for our forever home…

We’re looking for our perfect home. Ideally it will have three bedrooms (or more, if we can find a place within our price range) and a decent-sized garden where the kids can run about and we can grow a few edible bits and pieces, but basically, those are the only major requirements we have. The rest is pretty much negotiable.

However, I do have a huge love of all things literary, so I would love something bookish, not just in the form of a well-stocked book case, but possibly in the form of decor too. When I saw these pictures, I fell in love!

front side








When I showed them to hubby, I wasn’t entirely sure what he’d think of them, but I’m pleased to say he likes both ideas and has agreed that if it’s feasible, they will form part of our forever home. This makes me exceedingly happy. I hope we get our forever home sooner, rather than later, because I can hardly wait to see these in action!


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