Week 3 completed – 14 weeks of mini pledges

meatWeek three’s challenge was all about meat:

All meat consumed this week will be locally raised (within 100-miles of your hometown). Meat consumption will also be limited to 3 – 4 servings this week, and when it is eaten meat will not be presented as the “focal point” of the meal. Instead meat will be treated as a side item or simply used to help flavor a dish.

Fortunately, we have a very good butcher right here in our small town and all the meat is local, so this wasn’t too difficult. Sure it costs a little more than it does to buy from the supermarket, but that’s the case with almost all small companies, and for one week, for challenge purposes, I could afford to do that. We do occasionally buy from our local butcher anyway, but unfortunately we can’t afford to do it 100% of the time and the choice isn’t anywhere near as wide as the supermarket either.

Anyway, I bought pork sausages, pork chops, beef mince and stewing steak, and here’s what I did with it…

soupSausages: I actually eked these out by making Italian sausage and bean soup. It meant I had a hearty evening meal of a large bowl of soup, but also had several days’ lunches taken care of with the left overs. Was that cheating n the challenge? I don’t know. It was the same amount I would have had for a single meal, but stretched over several days, so I’m choosing to believe it’s within the spirit of the challenge parameters.

spag bolBeef mince: I made Bolognese with my home-made tomato sauce (check out my Awesome Sauce recipe HERE) and served them with pasta. Topped with a little cheese, this is one of my favourite meals and it’s SO quick and easy to make. My Bolognese is so loaded with veg that it only takes a little meat, which takes a back seat to the other ingredients.

chopPork chop: I fried it (without oil!) in my ceramic frying pan and served it with vegetables and mashed potatoes. Nice and simple

Sunday Dinner: We’re having Sunday dinner at Mam’s house so I can’t guarantee the meat will be local, but I know it will be delicious!

The other days I had fish and chips, salmon (not locally caught, unfortunately) in a stir fry, so I got my portion of oily fish in there too, and an omlette.


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