Xmas was a blast!

And so here we are, Xmas 2013! I hope Santa was good to everyone – we must have been incredibly well-behaved here at Kincavel Korner, because we were all spoiled rotten!

Button started by giving me the best gift ever – he slept for five hours straight. In his Moses Basket. Not on me! This meant I actually got a little bit of sleep last night, so I felt more rested than I usually do.

Tadpole showed amazing restraint and didn’t get up until 6.45am. In all honesty, I had expected him to be up at least 45 minutes earlier than that, so it was a bonus! He then contented himself playing with his stocking fillers till Hubby got up about 15 minutes later.

We let Tadpole open all his gifts first, as he was the only child old enough to be excited by it all. Even ripping through all he paper at lightening speed without stopping to play with things as they were unwrapped, it took an hour and a quarter to open all his gifts. He then went of to his room to play with his new toys while Hubby opened his gifts. He got almost everything he’d put on his letter to Santa, along with lots of things he’d never thought to request, so he was very happy.

Then I got to open my gifts.

I’m like a small child in a toy shop at Xmas – I love opening gifts! I got loads of lovely things I wanted and some I didn’t know I wanted till I opened them, but I’ll go into more detail at the end.

Finally, we got to Button’s gifts. As he is too small at only two months old, Tadpole opened most of them for him. He got a lovely selection of next-size-up clothes (which he’s just starting to move into) and some lovely books and toys which I know he’s going to enjoy.

Once everyone had got dressed, I started making the Xmas dinner. I always cook the turkey the night before to save time on the day, so all I had to do was prep the veg and pop everything on the stove and in the oven. We filled our plates to mountainous heights and I couldn’t even eat half of mine!

Next was the phone calls to our various family members as this is he first year we haven’t been going anywhere or having anyone round. Then we went for a little walk to ease our full tummies, before returning home to finally have our pudding!

Anyway, I know you want to know what I got from Santa, so here are a few items that really stood out for me (I loved everything, but these were the “Wow!” factor gifts):

As you can see, I got gifts galore, so I must have been a very good girl indeed!

  • Three Tudor necklaces
  • A selection of Twinings tea and a tea ball
  • A box crammed full of jam-making equipment with a note saying I still have a load of blackberries and plums in Mam’s freezer and she is getting first dibs on the jam I make with them!
  • A f@rting Burt hippo as seen in NCIS (Abby’s stuffed toy)
  • A jar of book quotes
  • A pile of books:
    • Richard Castle – Deadly Heat
    • Terry Pratchett – Raising Steam
    • Simon Scarrow – The Blood Crows
    • Chris Brookmyre – Flesh Wounds
    • Sally Harding – Crochet Step By Step
    • Kay Maguire – Grow Your Own Crops In Pots
    • Beverly LeBlanc – I Love My Slow Cooker

So that’s Xmas over for another year. We have LOADS of leftovers to get through and a million sweet treats to munch on while we try out our new toys, which is what I’m off to do now, so I’ll leave you with a bunch of photographs to show you what we got up to.

Hope you’ve all had a fabulous day!

Xan and toys 1
Tadpole had a great time opening his gifts
Xan and toys 2
There were so many he hardly knew what to open next


Then Tadpole opened Button’s gifts for him
(what a kind boy)
Suddenly I realised that whereas other families don festive jumpers on Xmas day,
we all inadvertently wear grey and black, and manage to look like a four-piece rock band









Swwet Child O Mine
This Sweet Child O’ Mine is even getting in on the rocking out!

I have dark hair in braids, I’m very pale and slightly Gothic, and I have a f@rting hippo called Burt.
Do I qualify as an Abby-a-like yet?
Kell and Josh
Modelling one of my new necklaces and our youngest son










My three very beautiful Tudor necklaces











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