‘T’was the night before Xmas…

It’s Xmas Eve!

Tadpole has been high as a kite all day and was awake much later than usual, but who can blame him when SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN?!

Both our boys were left new nightwear by the Pyjama Pixie, because they have both been very good, so they were both all dressed nicely so Santa can see how good they’ve been. They’ve even both volunteered to be Santa’s Little Helpers.

Our little flat looks like we gift wrapped a toy shop, so I think we’ll have a very excited 5-year-old in the morning, and one 2-month-old who hasn’t a clue what’s happening, but that’s beside the point.

I can hardly wait to see Tadpole’s face in the morning!

Wishing you all a wonderful day, however you choose to celebrate (or even if you don’t celebrate – have an awesome Wednesday!) from all at Kincavel Korner. May your day be merry and bright!

1. Santa's Little Helpers
My gorgeous boys have been SO good they even volunteered to help Santa.
Here they are in their new jimjams.
2. Josh
It’s hungry work being an elf.
It’s also very tiring work, so little elves need to sleep!
3. Gifts
On the left are the gifts for the boys.
On the right, the grown ups have done just as well!
4. Stockings
We hang our stockings on bedroom doors,
but Button got a stocking on the end of his Moses basket too.
This is because he’s tiny and won’t wake up and see “Santa” putting it there!
Santa's snack is gone
Santa has finished his snack of a homemade mince pie and a glass of non-alcoholic ginger wine,
and one of the reindeer got lucky with a carrot to munch on.
And look at that – Santa left a little gift as a thank you!


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