It’s a Xmas miracle!

Xmas miracles!
Two Xmas miracles in one morning:
Fussy boy eats a mince pie, and sleepless baby finally sleeps!

Tadpole is one of the fussiest eaters in the world. There is no end to the list of things he refuses to eat. Even things he likes one minute, he will profess to hate the very next moment. He doesn’t like Xmas dinner, he doesn’t like Xmas pudding, he doesn’t like mince pies…

Oh, hang on, that’s right! He hates mince pies, but this morning he asked if he could try one of the ones I made last night ready for Santa coming.

And then he ate it.

The whole damned pie!

And then he asked for another one!

He didn’t get another one, because two mince pies would be a bit much for a 5-year-old boy at 10-o-clock in the morning, but I promised he could have one later too.

And Button is the most sleepless baby in the world. He’s just over two months old and yesterday he only slept 25 minutes during the day. The problem we have is he won’t lie down flat as he has a misalignment – we’ve been seeing a chiropractor about that and he’s been improving, but the only place he’d sleep up till now is on me.

Last night he did two stints of over 3 hours… in his Moses basket. And as I type this, he’s lying asleep in there again.

Anyone who says Xmas miracles can’t happen needs to think again because I got two on the same morning!


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