The taste of the festive season…

uncooked pies
Ready to go in the oven…
The ones on the left are topped with muscovado sugar.
The ones on the right also have apricot and amaretto added and are topped with white sugar

For some it’s turkey with all the trimmings, for others it’s a fruity Christmas pudding with brandy/rum sauce, but for me, nothing tastes more like the festive season than a sweet mince pie: Golden pastry that is crisp on top but melts in your mouth, then that burst of sweetness as you break through the crust to the rich sauce packed with fruits and perhaps a drop of booze. A good mince pie is a sensation to be savoured and never disappoints.

I’m the only one in our house who likes mince pies, as both Hubby and Tadpole can’t stand them, so unless Button develops a taste for them next Christmas, I get them all to myself. Apart from the one we reserve for Santa Claus. Of course, we wouldn’t forget him! We’ll be leaving out one of my home made mince pies along with a glass of non-alcoholic ginger wine (don’t drink and drive!) for the jolly man in red, and a carrot for one of his reindeer just to make sure they stop by tomorrow night!

cooked pies
I taste-tested one of them and they are mmm-mmmm good!


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