Festive gifts from my five-year-old son

The beautiful bell from Tadpole

Last year was the first time Tadpole got really excited about Xmas. This year is the first year he’s shown any interest in joining in any traditional fun activities associated with the season (apart from decorating the tree – he’s always enjoyed doing that with Daddy!).

First was the craft afternoon at school where he took a bauble and stuck Santa hats and glitter on it. I would have a picture, but he gave it to Mama and Pop as a gift, so it’s right at the top of their tree, under the star.

Second came a beautiful bell-shaped dough ornament decorated with a big, red “X” which was immediately hung with pride on our tree.

It is officially my all-time favourite tree decoration!

snow globe
Tadpole’s cute little snow globe

Finally, after his party last night, he stayed over at Mama and Pop’s house, and this morning he made us a gift which he insisted we open straight away. Tadpole made us a gorgeous snow globe with a snowman inside and pastel blue glitter that falls all around him. It’s now sitting right in the centre of the mantelpiece looking stunning.

I’m already having a fabulous festive season!

On a side note, I’ve begun making tree decorations for next year. I’ll reveal the first one when it’s finished, so I hope you’ll all like it!


One thought on “Festive gifts from my five-year-old son

  1. My children are all adults now but my Christmas tree reflects stages in their growing up and rekindles many memories each year. The decorations made by them over the years are many and varied.
    Have a wonderful Christmas. Heather (Gippsland Granny)

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