Fish and chips, Geordie style…

Tonight, as Tadpole is staying at Mama and Pop’s house, and we’d just whizzed round the supermarket and Button was asleep in his car seat, we decided to make a mad dash to the chippy for tea tonight. Fish and chips is one of those Great British traditional meals that when they’re done well, they’re wonderful, but when they’re not, they’re hideous. We’re lucky that we have an excellent chip shop very nearby and it’s on our way home from the supermarket.

I dashed in and ordered two small haddock and chips. They cook the fish to order and they were also putting on fresh chips – excellent timing! As an afterthought, I asked the server, “Do you guys do scramshies?”

She looked at me like I was crazy, and replied, “Yes, of course. Would you like some with your order?”

Of course, I did. Just as a treat. I explained that I’ve spent 26 years in Scotland and they just don’t do scramshies there.

The server looked puzzled. “What do they do with them, then?”

I had to surmise that they get thrown away. She was shocked. “They’re the best bit!” she cried.

For those who don’t know, “scramshies” are the extra bits of batter that fall off the fish while it’s frying. They’re crispy and delicious and incredibly moreish, They’re also incredibly naughty. Needless to say, they’re very popular in Northumberland and no self respecting chippy would dream of not serving them when asked – free of charge, too, so it’s double the treat!

With them being incredibly bad for you, along with the deep fried battered fish and melt-in-the-mouth chips, the’ll be a once in a blue moon treat, but it’s lovely to have the option again.

Scotland doesn’t know what it’s missing!


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