It’s beginning to look a lot like Xmas…

Xmas tree 2013
Oh, Xmas tree…!

Now that we’re settled in our little flat, and now that it’s December, and because Tadpole has been clamouring for weeks to put up the tree, we decided to get started with the festive decorations a couple of weeks earlier that usual.

Our new flat is a lot smaller than our old one, so we’ve have to downsize a bit. Our beautiful 6-foot tree is in storage, so as it was too big for the space we have anyway, I invested in a little 4-foot tree and some new decorations (to save digging out the old ones from their hiding places).

I let Tadpole choose the colour scheme and the actual decorations, so this year we have festive red and white with a touch of silver – he’s a very colour co-ordinated kid (seriously, he puts together outfits that would have Gok Wan applauding and and employing him! I actually consult my 5-year-old son on the rare occasion I buy any clothes for myself!).

Hubby and Tadpole actually did most of the tree decorating – I could hardly get in to hang a few baubles myself – and Tadpole did the honours placing the star on the top of our little festive fir. I think it looks rather pretty and I’m sure Santa will be leaving a few gifts underneath it for our boys, and perhaps for us too!

01.12.13 - Star on the tree 2
Tadpole proudly topping the tree!


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