Chunky Monkey!

01.11.13 - Hugs
My beautiful boys enjoying cuddle time together

So, Button is now a month old (as of Sunday past), and he’s growing fast!

Today I went with my youngest sister (who has a baby a month older than Button) to the health centre, so we could both have our babies weighed. Button was 8lbs 15oz at birth and went down to 8lbs 7oz (all babies lose some of their birth weight, but they usually regain it within the first two weeks, which Button did).

Today, at 4 weeks and 2 days, our little chunky monkey weighs in at a hefty 10lbs 4oz!

I guess guzzling Mummy’s milk like a crazy critter is filling him up!

And my going dairy free seems to be having a positive effect on his gas problems. He still gets gassy, but not so much, and he’s having less bother getting it out, and what gas he has doesn’t seem to pain him quite so much, so that’s all to the good. I find I’m enjoying nut milks a great deal – I’m avoiding soy because a) there have been connections with imbalances (mainly estrogen which can have a negative impact on milk supply), and b) I just don’t like it.

Tadpole and Button absolutely adore each other – Button has actually started smiling a little bit, but his grins are almost exclusively aimed at his big brother, and his eyes follow Tadpole around the room whenever he’s near. Tadpole, for his part, can’t stop kissing and hugging his baby brother, which is lovely. I’m so lucky to have two such lovely boys!

On a side note, I’ve started looking into the possibility of becoming a breastfeeding peer supporter – I’d love to be able to help other breastfeeding Mums! My long-term goal is to become a lactation consultant…


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