Flashes in the sky…

lightningbolt2I have never seen so much lightning in a single storm as I did tonight! At first, I thought someone was having an early fireworks display, till I realised I couldn’t hear any whizzes and bangs, but I could hear pouring rain and the rumble of thunder…

In the past, Tadpole has been a little nervous of thunderstorms, but this evening I had the lovely experience of lying on my bed, snuggled up with my eldest boy, listening to the rumbles and watching an amazing show of both sheet and forked lightning in the sky. Thor must have been having a right old battle with the Frost Giants!

Tadpole was so impressed, he clapped his hands and shouted “Encore!” before turning to me and crying out, “This is SO COOL!”

This will go down as one of my favourite ever evenings with Tadpole. I hope we get to watch a lot more electric storms together.


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