Last minute packing…

boxesSo, things are getting pretty hectic here. A flurry of last minute packing means there’s no rest for the wicked (so I must be a very wicked woman indeed!). I’m fortunate in that I only need to pack things that Tadpole and I will need for the next couple of weeks and no more than will fill the car. I’m unfortunate in that pretty much everything we need to pack is stuff that we use on a daily basis, meaning it all has to be last minute!

Poor Hubby will have all the proper packing to do all by himself once we’re gone, then he’ll be joining us in a fortnight.

And Button seems rather desperate to get into the correct birth position. We are already head down and when I went to my last midwife appointment, Button was on the brink of engaging (hence the pain in my pelvis, because Button was resting in an awkward place!). Since then, Button has taken to wriggling his/her little butt from side to side, trying to wriggle into the right place. My bump now appears to have dropped a bit more and walking has become a little more comfortable, so I think we’re almost in the right place now. We still have a while to go yet, but I’m already starting to feel  a little bit of late-pregnancy fed-up-ness – I’m ready to have a baby to HOLD now, thank you! I’m more than willing to wait till Button is good and ready and fully baked, but if we go overdue (which I suspect we will not) I think I’ll get a bit frustrated!

Anyway, I’ll do a brief challenge update at the weekend when I get a moment, but on Saturday morning we’ll be hitting the road and heading south of the Border, so we’ll be busy and tired, but happy!


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