First day of school… take 1

21.08.13 - First day at P1
Tadpole waiting to go into school
on his first day in Primary 1
So very proud!

On Wednesday, Tadpole started Primary 1. I am SO proud of my lovely big boy who went into school with no bother at all – he just gave me a kiss and a hug, stood in line nicely, and walked in with a smile.

I had to nip in briefly with a letter to the headmaster explaining that we’re moving in a few weeks, so I actually saw him heading into his new classroom. I also had a brief, yet delightful moment of schadenfreude when I saw Tadpole’s old tormentor refusing to go into his own classroom, clinging to his mother, crying and screaming his lungs out. Tadpole saw this as he walked past and just ruefully shook his head as he passed. Needless to say, Tadpole is no longer afraid of the “big” bad bully now that he’s seen him in tears!

He came out of school at lunchtime just as easily, with a wave and a smile when he spotted me waiting to collect him.

Tadpole has been so grown up about starting school and seems to be enjoying it – he likes his teacher, so it’s a bit of a shame we’ll be going in a few weeks, but it gives me great confidence that he’ll settle into his new school just as easily.

Congratulations to my Big Boy who now goes to Big School – you make us very, very proud!


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