A plea to the world regarding the 2014 Winter Olympics

flag and ringsI don’t often get involved in politics, but sometimes people have to speak out about the things in which they believe. One such very strong belief of mine if that everyone should have equal rights, regardless of their gender, nationality, colour or sexual orientation.

Given that there are certain to be some gay/lesbian Olympians, none of them, nor their team mates, should be competing in a country where they could be harassed, arrested, beaten or killed just for being who they are and loving people of the same gender as themselves.

The Olympics should be about people of all nations, of all walks of life, coming together to pit the very best of the best against one another with a sense of sportsmanship, not one of fear or oppression.

If the Russian Winter Olympics aren’t relocated, then there should be a world-wide boycott. Don’t give Putin the same platform to validate himself and his politics that was given to Hitler with the 1936 Berlin Olympics!

Please do sign the petition and perhaps this could come into effect, sending a very powerful message to the oppressive regime in Russia presently passing laws against being gay.

Sign the petition HERE.


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