A new blanket for Tadpole

As I had crocheted two new baby blankets for Button, Tadpole quite rightly pointed out that I had made him only one blanket, and then very politely asked if he could please have a second one too.

Of course, I thought it only fair that the Big Brother To Be got his new blanket and I let him pick out his own colour scheme for the new blanket. He chose light blue, air force blue, and lime green.

At first, I planned on doing a very jazzy zigzag striped blanket, but Tadpole was adamant he wanted “another checky blanket” like his other one, so I re-thought my original plan and crocheted a bunch of granny squares, starting with the darkest blue, then a little lime green, then a border of light blue. Next, I joined all the squares together with the light blue, then began working on a border of double crochet in the light blue, a little lime green, then the dark blue, then finished it off with a round of single crochet in the lime green colour.

I’m really pleased with how it turned out, and I’m very pleased to say, so is Tadpole!

Xan's 2nd blanket a + b


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