Tarting up the flat…

As you know, we’re moving very soon and so we’re selling our flat. Of course, this means tarting the place up a bit so it looks its best. Not that it looks bad, but there were little things that needed finishing or touching up to make it look spankin’ good. Of course, hubby works full time, I work part time, and we have an almost 5-year-old who is currently in the middle of his summer holidays and needs to be entertained too, so it’s tough to fit everything in.

Here’s what we’ve done so far:

  • Gloss painted all the door surrounds
  • Gloss painted all the window frames and sills
  • Gloss painted the two hall cupboard doors
  • Gloss painted the veranda door
  • Stripped and re-papered the kitchen
  • Re-done the grouting in the bathroom
  • Cut the grass and weeded the flower beds
  • Cleared off the veranda

Still got to do:

  • Gloss paint the front door
  • Gloss paint the stair cupboard door
  • Repaint Tadpole’s room
  • Touch up the painting in the bathroom
  • Paint the garden fence

I have also:

  • Sorted through and reduced my massive collection of books
  • Cut my entire craft stash down by half (crochet, cross stitch and paper crafts)
  • Sorted through Tadpole’s toys and books and thinned them down a little
  • Sorted through all the wardrobes, removing clothing that no longer fits
  • Sorted out the storage under our bed and chucked out anything that was extraneous
  • Scrubbed the kitchen from top to bottom (still need to sort out all the items in the cupboards)

In the meantime we have also:

  • Taken Tadpole to the science museum
  • Taken Tadpole to the beach
  • Taken Tadpole to an outdoor family fun day

We will also, in the next week or so:

  • Go to the air display in Peterhead
  • Go to a Spooky Saturday at the Tollbooth Museum

So, it’s all go! Busy, busy, busy, non-stop. Well, best get back to it. These jobs won’t get themselves done! At least it’s not so hot today, so I might not feel like I’m melting while I work!


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