Emergency Sock Monkey Surgery

We’ve been doing a lot of “sorting out” this week in readiness for our move. This morning we were tackling Tadpole’s books and toys to see what would be kept, what would be donated (anything outgrown) and what would be binned (anything broken or torn). Tadpole was absolutely fine with this… until he discovered that Sock Monkey was in a bit of a situation – he’d had an accident! One of his ears was loose and one of his arms had completely come off!

Sock Monkey was made for Tadpole when he was born – my friend Sandy made him and sent him over, and he’s been a firm favourite. Sock Monkey often peeks round doors and screeches at us, or laughs, or ooh-oohs at us, so the thought of his possible demise was very sad.

What Tadpole didn’t know till today is that I am Dr Mummy STMD (Soft Toy Medical Doctor), and as such am the best Soft Toy surgeon in the world!

So Tadpole gently kissed Sock Monkey to put him to sleep for his operations, then anxiously stood by as I threaded my needle, carefully matching the colour of thread. I’m so good I didn’t even leave a scar. A few minutes later, Sock Monkey was ready to be woken with another kiss, and I had one very happy and relieved little boy!

Tadpole and Sock Monkey are currently having a great time shrieking and trashing Tadpole’s room for the umpteenth time. I don’t mind, so long as both Tadpole and Sock Monkey understand that THEY will be responsible for tidying up afterwards!


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