Fun in the sun!

Although Aberdeen technically gets more hours of sunshine per annum than anywhere else in Britain (apparently!) it’s not particularly well known for being warm and sunny. Of course, we do actually get the occasional day of hot weather. Sometimes we even get a couple of weeks. Granted, one of them is usually in March and the other in August, but we do get some lovely weather. More often than not, the further inland you are, the better the weather, so Aboyne gets some stunningly sunny days whilst Aberdeen itself is a good 10C cooler with a sea breeze to boot, but sometimes, just sometimes, the sun shines, the temperatures soar, and it really feels like we might get a proper summer.

Of course, this only seems to happen when I’m pregnant and wishing it would be a bit colder.

But I shall not complain too loudly, because nice weather usually means nice family days out like we had yesterday.

We did a part indoor, part outdoor day yesterday so as to avoid getting burned or melting completely…

11.07.13 - Satrosphere - Astronaut Training
Our little geek
Astronaut in training

Satrosphere was our first stop. It’s Aberdeen’s science museum (think of it as a much smaller version of the one in Glasgow), and they are hosting a week of “Astronaut Training” so we thought it might be fun to take our little geek along for some space-themed fun! He loved getting dressed up in his space cadet costume, and taking part in the various challenges at the workshop to get him on his way to becoming a real astronaut. Tadpole always loves having fun with all the exhibits, so he was in his element, and we all enjoyed the planetarium show narrated by Rupert Grint (Ron Weasely from the Harry Potter films). Then we had a quick lunch and chose a few dinosaurs from the shop before hitting the beach.

11.07.13 - Beach 3
Tadpole making patterns in the sand

Of course, Satrosphere is right next to the beach, so we were there in two minutes with our yummy ice cream treats.

Tadpole was initially a little reluctant to go into the water, but he soon got over the chilliness and started having a whale of a time running in and out to keep cool. Right after I finished shooting the videos he fell right over and got soaked (just as well we’d packed a change of clothes for him to cover that eventuality!), and then he soaked me too. I didn’t have a change of clothes, but I soon dried off.

Then we took a little drive past the lighthouse and wandered round the Torry Battery before heading home, tired and sun-kissed (don’t worry, we used sun cream all day!). It was an exhausting but fun day out for all!

fun in the sea
Tadpole having fun in the sea


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