Family fun day at Lochinch Farm

A little while ago, Tadpole and I went on a school trip to Lochinch Farm and had a lovely time. Well, I found out that during this first week of the school summer holidays, they were holding a free family fun day. We’d enjoyed our time there a great deal and it was, well it was FREE, so we persuaded Hubby that it was a good idea for us to all head out there for the afternoon.

I hadn’t realised we were supposed to book places, so we were very lucky some people had not shown up and we were able to take their places – phew! Next time I’ll know better and will call ahead to secure our places!

First up was the mini beasts hunt. The grown ups hadn’t been part of that on the school trip, so it was fun to get to see what it involved this time round. We all made our way into the meadow armed with pots and nets, and swept through the long grass to catch some bugs and beasties to look at before setting them free. I managed to catch a very pretty ringlet butterfly in my jar (I didn’t have a net), but nobody managed to snag themselves a beautiful blue damsel fly – they zipped off far to quickly to be caught!

Next we were split into two groups and our group got to go and make dinosaur footprints by taking templates and making marks in damp sand before mixing plaster of Paris and pouring it into the sand molds then leaving them to dry while the kids got to make dinosaurs with plasticine for a little while before swapping over groups.

After that we took a little walk into a wooded area and did some bark rubbing, then built some shelters using sticks, leaves and grasses. The kids all loved that part!

Then we all trekked back to the grassy area for some fun and games (which included a “silent” race where most of the kids had to run very quietly while a few pretended to be predators and caught anyone who made a noise while running!), then finished up in the play park for a while before it was time to head back to the main building and use a toothbrush to clear the sand off our dinosaur footprints.

It was a hot, sunshiney day and we all had a lovely time. I can highly recommend visiting Lochinch Farm if you’re ever in the Aberdeenshire area – there’s lots to see and do! The Rangers who run the fun days (Simon and Rob) are both great – total characters – and will make sure the day is interesting, educational and fun for people of all ages.


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