Graduation day!

02.07.13 - Graduation Day 4
Our very grown up little boy
graduating from nursery class!

Although the last day of nursery school isn’t till Thursday, today was Tadpole’s Graduation Day.

Tad has really enjoyed his time at the nursery and says he has the best teachers in the world, so he’ll be a little sad at leaving, but he’s been telling everyone for weeks now that he’s nearly ready for Primary 1, so I hope the transition won’t be too tough on him.

The whole class made their own mortar boards for the occasion and everyone got a lovely certificate congratulating them on graduating. Our boy was very smiley and did very well (especially as this morning he was very tired and didn’t want to go to school at all – he didn’t go to sleep till late last night, despite going to bed at the usual time of around 7.30pm).

I was so proud seeing him standing up to receive his certificate and shaking hands with the Deputy Head Teacher of the school.

So, only a couple of days of class left before the summer holidays start!

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