Our little sports day star

25.06.13 - Our sports day star 2
Showing off his medal!

Yesterday was Tadpole’s nursery school sports day. There’s nothing he loves more than running around, so he was understandably very excited about taking part in races (and we were excited at going to watch him take part). He’s usually very camera shy, but he was very good about letting us snap a photo of him showing off his medal and also about us shooting little videos of him racing. We’re so proud of our little sports star at the best of times, but he also won three out of the four races he did! They don’t actually do “winners” at nursery, but all the kids got a medal for taking part.

The bat and beanbag race was first (nursery school equivalent of egg and spoon race), and it was a tight run thing till Tadpole decided to get competitive with his friend who was running next to him, and ran straight back to the beginning instead of weaving in and out of the little cones like he was supposed to, but he went back and completed the course as he was supposed to, so he finished last in that one.

Next up was running. Just straight out running. There’s nothing can stop our little speedster once he gets going and he came first by miles.

Then it was the javelin throw. Tadpole’s javelin flew straight and true, ending up the furthest down the gym hall. He was so excited he chased after it, crying out “I did it! I did it!” He’d obviously hoped he would do well in this event and he did. (I always enjoyed the throwing events when we did track at school too!)

Finally there was a fun race – the hat and bag race. The kids had to run to the first hoop and put on a hat, then to the second hoop to pick up a bag, then run round the end and return the bag and hat to their hoops before racing back to the finish. It was a close call, but Tadpole just made it to the end in front of the others.

I love that Tadpole enjoys being energetic – hopefully he’ll be able to enroll in a gymnastics class very soon – we’re on a waiting list for an accredited group and I know he’d love it!

Well done, Tadpole – you’re a star!


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