Overnight oatmeal

overnight oatmeal 1Oatmeal? In the summer? Are you crazy???

That’s right – traditional oatmeal (aka porridge) is served hot, made with milk (or water) and sugar (or salt, if you’re that way inclined), and it’s a great, filling breakfast that will warm you up on cold mornings and keep you going till lunchtime.

But it doesn’t have to be served hot! It can also be a delicious cold breakfast.

No, don’t run  screaming from the page, keep reading and you’ll see I’ve not lost the plot. Not entirely, anyway. Well, no more than usual…

This isn’t exactly a recipe, it’s another one of those “pick ‘n’ mix” lists with only a couple of essentials, but all it takes is 5 minutes to assemble before you go to bed at night, and you have a breakfast ready to go when you wake up, even if you’re running late. That’s right – even if you slept through your alarm and are about to miss the train or get stuck in a traffic jam, you’ve prepared everything the night before and if you make it in a sealable container, you can just grab it and go, to eat while you commute or when you get to work if need be. Or you could just enjoy having a stress-free brekkie that you don’t have to think about preparing when you’d rather still be snoozing under the covers.

overnight oatmeal 2Overnight oatmeal


  • porridge oats
  • milk / water / almond milk / rice milk / soya milk (whichever you prefer)

Optional extras:

  • fresh fruit
  • dried fruit
  • nuts or seeds
  • plain / flavoured yoghurt / Greek yoghurt
  • honey / maple syrup
  • nut butter (whatever you like best)
  • nutmeg / cinnamon (or whatever other lovely spice you might like)
  • vanilla / almond essence (or whatever else you fancy)


  • In a sealable container (large jar or whatever) put equal amounts of oats and your liquid of choice (more or less liquid depending on how thin or thick you want it to be).
  • Layer up your other chosen ingredients.
  • Seal the jar and pop it in the fridge overnight.
  • In the morning, grab your container and a spoon and get going.

It’s as simple as that. You can eat it layered or stir it all together. And you’ll never get bored with it if you switch the ingredients around. How’s that for a versatile breakfast that will keep you going till lunch and is full of the good stuff? If you go all natural and all organic, you can feel completely virtuous while you enjoy your delicious concoction! Get the whole family involved and let the kids assemble their own breakfasts to go, which cuts down on work for you and gets them involved in making healthy food choices. It’s a win-win situation!


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