School trip…

Today Tadpole and I went on a school trip. It was one of those induction “away day” trips that are supposed to help prepare the kiddies for Primary 1 after the summer. So, I packed my backpack with wellies (just in case), suncream and water and we set off for school.

13.06.13 - Heading off to Loch Insch Farm for a school trip
Tadpole and me
Excited about our impending adventure!

It was a beautifully warm, sunny, summery day and we just strolled along, so we only just made it in time for the school bell. Of course, the time we were given for setting off was actually 15 minutes after the bell, so we were still in plenty of time. Unlike some others. We had to wait another 15 minutes for latecomers to show up! I don’t know about you, but tardiness really annoys me. As far as I’m concerned, if we’re given a departure time, we should leave at that time and anyone who isn’t there gets left behind! After all, would they expect an aeroplane to stay late just so a few extra people who haven’t bothered to arrive at the airport on time can still catch their plane? Would the train driver hold up his train saying, “Hang on we’ve still got a few folk who have tickets booked and haven’t shown up yet!” and then set off later because of that? No! So why should the kids have to wait an extra 15 minutes for the parents who couldn’t be bothered to get their own children to school on time? They’re already excited and want to get going – it’s really not fair on them or on the parents who DID make the effort to get there in plenty of time!


Glad I got that off my chest!

Anyway, one everyone had arrived (including the aforementioned slow coaches), we all piled onto the coach and drove off to Lochinch Farm, which isn’t a farm at all, but an activities centre. It’s not far out of Aberdeen, and sits right next to Loirston Loch, just south of the city.

Once there we had some refreshments (pancakes, biscuits, tea coffee, juice, and water for those who wanted) and headed out into the sunshine for a little walk along a nature trail, where the kids spotted things, listened for sounds, and generally had a great time before we reached the play park, where they all ran round like crazy!

Then we went indoors for a spot of cake decorating. Tadpole loves doing that, but he likes to do it when he wants to do it, not to a schedule, so he was initially reluctant, but eventually he cheered up and joined in, so we ended up with two cute little cupcakes.

13.06.13 - Our cake decorating prowess
Tadpole’s on the left, mine on the right

Most of the kids scoffed theirs straight away, but I was very proud of Tadpole who kept his to enjoy after lunch. Good lad!

Then the kids all got to decorate a T-shirt each. Tadpole decided he wanted to stencil letters on his in different colours, and rather artily chose not to do all the letters, but tail off towards the end, leaving a space before the bright green “X” which is his own initial. As you can see, he was very pleased with the results!

13.06.13 - showing off his decorated t-shirt - he used most of the alphabet
Tadpole showing off his new T-shirt

There was little more time to play in the park before we went indoors again for lunch. Tadpole did me proud with his choices – he picked out a couple of sandwiches made on whole wheat bread, rather than the white bread ones, and polished them all off, including the crusts. Then he was one of the very few children to choose a piece of fruit – a banana this time – before sharing a packet of crisps with me and only then having his little cake. Most of the kids went straight for the white bread and crisps then polished off their parents’ cake having already scoffed their own. Tadpole also opted for water to drink instead of more juice. I think my influence must finally be rubbing off on him after all – hurrah! He also surprised me by asking if we could take a satsuma to enjoy later. I wasn’t going to say no to that!

Then it was time for the mini beast hunt! The children were taken off together in a large group while the parents all went back indoors to be given a jute bag full of goodies – mostly literature about the Family Learning team, but there was a little book and some magnetic letters for the children, along with a wipe-clean alphabet and numbers sheet for them to practice their writing.

The children came back from their hunt, filled with tales of spiders, worms and various creepy crawlies, and then it was time to go. We’d all had a lovely time but were all exhausted from the combination of the heat and activities – some of the kids even fell asleep on the bus back to school, even though the journey was only about 15-20 minutes.

Tadpole is now REALLY looking forward to next week’s trip to Haddo House. I won’t be going along to that one (it’s kids only this time), so I’ll have a well deserved day of rest while he goes off to have fun with his friends!


3 thoughts on “School trip…

  1. That is a great idea to have an outing for prospective pupils and their parents. I think they only have a visit to the school here in Victoria.

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